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September 22, 2010



Goodbye To Summer 2012, Hello Winter

Wed Sep 22, 2010, 2:16 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The Village - XM Channel 15 & KFYR-AM
  • Watching: Cartoon Channel
  • Playing: With Photoshop & Apophysis-3D Hack
  • Eating: Wishing for some ''dark'' chocolate..Yum!
  • Drinking: Coffee wishing for a beer....
Many Thanks !
__I'd like to express my thank you to each and every one of the visitors to my gallery and have :+fav:'d many of my works!! I've gotten quite behind when it comes to answering and thanking each of those commenting and faving my works. Since I like to visit the galleries of those commenting and faving, the comment and fave list seems to multiply once I get a bit behind, makng it a bit tough to get caught up... So, MANY THANKS to each and all of you!!
:D :hug:s :D Keep Smiling! :D :hug:s :D

Thank you! all those of you that have :+fav:'d my work recently.  I have a tendency of late to be quite behind in my correspondence and thank you's. So, a word of thanks to all!  And, I hope to see you visiting my gallery again and that you enjoyed your visit, as well. :D

November 6th: Finally no more ads of half truths and voting done, with a president for whom one may or may not have voted.
November 9th: Summer has been left behind and with the opening of deer hunting season here in North Dakota, Old Man Winter made his appearance, too.  Beginning with freezing rain that turned to snow, it left a bit over 9 inches of snow here in the Bismarck area and temperatures 20 below normal...brrrrrrrr!  Once the weather moves out of the region, things will slowly be getting back to normal...snow moved, ice sanded and back to work come Monday.
November 11th: We're remembering those who served in the military, fought and died,  in the various wars over the years, protecting the freedoms of all....the World Wars, Korea, Viet Nam and other skirmishes.
2013 CALENDARS - 4 collections of my fractals

Just a note let you all know that FOUR 2013 calendars of my Fractal Collections are available from the Print Shop here at DevART.  I was well pleased with the previous calendar printings ....nice work DevART!! These have been updated for 2013 and as soon as I can recover my lost artwork on the external drive, I hope to have another new calendar for 2013 to add to the collection.

One can view my 2013 calendar collection at the DevART Shop...updates of the previous 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 selections .  .

Take a look through the print gallery and you'll find a number of my works available as blank cards for writing notes to that special friend and family..

A local card shop took a couple dozen of my cards as part of its "local artists" display, which was a bit of a boost to the ego, though I don't know how well they sold, yet.   

Smile!!  It keeps everyone wondering what you've been up to!</i>
The most wasted day of all is one in which we have not laughed.</i>
Daisy ILF Stamp by patrxGot Marbles Stamp by patrxDragonflight Stamp by patrxI Love Coffee by OlegVRK
      `         DAmn- 100 percent original by Asenceana

Prints of the following are Available from the DevART Printshop!

:thumb?offset=24#/d2w1y4x:   `  `     
Nightmare's Gate by patrx  `   `   Nightmare's Gate Poster by patrx
Faerie Gateway   `   `  Nightmare's Gate & Poster with Title (has a white border with title  below image)
(Faerie Gateway is available as a Mouse Pad)
(Note me for 11"x17" size of "Nightmare's Gate Poster laserprint)

Levitations in Blue II by patrx   `  `  Palantir - Woodlands by patrx
  `   Levitations in Blue    `   `   `    `  `  Palantir - Woodlands

Winter's Heart II by patrx  `   `   Snowflake - Frosted Blue by patrx
  `   Winter's Heart II   `  `  `  `  Snowflake - Frosted Blue


Cards & Calendars 2013

My appointment style "2013 Calendars" updates can now be found at the DevART Store under my prints.…

An Explosion of Eyes by patrx .  .  2013a Calendar-Apophysis by patrx   
2013 Calendar…   . .  2013a Calendar…;

2013b Calendar-Apophysis by patrx  .  . 2013c Calendar-Apophysis Plus by patrx
  2013b Calendar…   . .   2013c Calendar-Apophysis Plus…

   DevART has some of my works on "Greeting Cards", printed on a high grade card stock in the "Store" ( ), as well as on a number of other products.
   In addition to those prints of mine available as boxed cards from DeviantART's Print Department,5"x7" Note Cards with matching envelopes in eaches from my sister Sue's shop "Susie Q's Craft Emporium" in Mandan, ND and can be reached through her webpages on Facebook.  She sells craftworks by local area crafters and some by a group of Guatamalan villagers that helps support their mission and school there..

The Wallpaper Artist Stamp by wallpaper-club :thumb23115756: Imager's Fractal DD's Stamp by ImagersFractalDDs
I am made out of stuff by briteddy Apoholics Anonymous Stamp II by ClaireJones :thumb60381492:
stamp-01 by Word-worth-1000-pics IFDDs Chat Stamp by ImagersFractalDDs
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Where would the world be without ''Stuff'' !

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c(")("), c(")("), c(")_("), {{OO0O}}
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GoldenStarAnise Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2010
You're welcome!~:D and good luck ~
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